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About Teresa

Teresa Cirillo with a PianoTeresa Nocita has been coaching developing vocal artists as a Vocal Coach in Canada, the United States and Internationally since the 1990s. She has over twenty years of vocal training, having been educated at Boston’s Berklee College of Music.

Although she specializes in contemporary vocalists, she has also studied classical and musical theatre. Teresa is a vocal artist in her own right as well as an accomplished musician, having won an international original song competition in Naples, Italy.

Being a published award-winning author a few times over, she has had the honour to educate and inspire musicians internationally with her book, The Vocal Compass® Volume 1 and 2. The book lays out a vocal technique that she developed to balance the physiology of the vocal mechanism.

Amongst all the vocal training, she has studied the human body through Yoga Teacher’s Certification, and is a certified Reiki Level 2 and Ho’oponopono practitioner.

Opened in 2008, Teresa owns and runs a Private music and arts institute with 20 teachers and over 400 students in South Western Ontario called Studio E. She has certified hundreds of vocal teachers nationally and internationally through The Vocal Compass® Teacher Certification program.

Her work has been featured in The Canadian Music magazine on several occasions, and is an avid conference, workshop and webinar facilitator for Canadian Music week, Toronto Indie week, Music Therapy Academy and Music Ontario.

The Vocal Compass® is endorsed by the Music Therapy Academy. In 2018, she was the recipient of the 40 under 40 Business awards and is a philanthropist, being featured on Canadian Global news networks for giving back and serving many charity causes.

Teresa gives students and teachers insight of great experience and awareness. She provides an intricate method to use the body’s balance to physiologically align the vocal mechanism, as well as how mindset and thought processing plays an integral role in body and vocal health.

As we were recording new sets for our new tour, we found we could hit notes with less effort. The result was a better sound and more energy to perform consistently day after day. Thanks Teresa!

-Tal Vaisman and Jimmy Chauveau

The Vocal Compass book

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Sing with a free voice in less than an hour is what internationally recognized vocal coach Teresa Nocita states she can provide with her “yoga for singers” vocal technique called The Vocal Compass™, and proves it over and over again. The Vocal Compass™ is a technique created to train your body’s voice to be in balance whether you are speaking or singing. This proprietary system of vocal coaching provides go-to advice that you can use on the road, in the studio, or simply when you’re singing in your shower! The Vocal Compass™ can alleviate any common singing issue by balancing the physical body to align the vocal function and using that to find complete vocal freedom so you can:

  • Sing on key and on pitch
  • Never run out of breath in the middle of a lyrical sentence (phrase)
  • Sing for a long duration
  • Sing freely and without any cracks when singing from your low voice to your high voice
  • … and more!

Singing with a free voice means singing any song the way your body is capable of singing it when it is physically and energetically balanced. “We all have the same vocal mechanism (our lungs, trachea, larynx, vocal cords, pharynx, mouth, and nose) but each of us is made differently; we’re all different shapes and sizes. The Vocal Compass™ shows you all you need to know about how the components of your vocal mechanism work together and how to keep your body in alignment, balanced, and healthy, so that you can sing any song of any genre you like.

When your voice functions the way it’s meant to function, even if you think you’re tone deaf, you’ll be able to sing well. Really! When you understand your voice and how it works, you find your power. That is the Vocal Compass™


Given its history of brightly-blazing lifestyle-casualties from Jim Morrison to Amy Winehouse, the music industry is not known for health-consciousness. But a new century demands a new paradigm for creativity and performance.

Teresa Nocita’s The Vocal Compass will share how understanding the vocal health and wellness approach to business/artistry – nutrition, physicality and confidence – can change the way artists approach their career, benefit the entire industry and create a revolutionary positive improvement in the way you sing and are able to use your vocal mechanism to sing at your full potential.

Pricing for all sessions available upon request.

Vocal Coaching


Understanding how the voice works in its entirety, while your singing or speaking is my priority. Vocal compass training released tension, giving you the capability to sing freely and with no strain or tension! Book a 1 hour sessions or a 1/2 hour session for an in person or online lesson using Face Time or Zoom!

Performance Coaching


Give the best emotionally attached and communicative performance with my performance coaching by getting rid of ineffective belief systems that close you off to your audience and replace them with high level skills that create a seamless, unforgettable performance that leaves your audience wanting more!

Vocal Recording Booth Sessions


Have a vocal coach in your corner while you’re recording to alleviate stress from your body, your mind and voice. I can guide you to get the results you or your producer are looking for quickly and effectively! The results: cut recording studio costs, have a great and relaxed experience and deliver the most expressive, optimal performance!

Song Writing


Songwriting instruction for every level, no instrument, no problem! Learn how to write catchy, unforgettable melodies and creative, clever lyrics. Learn how to build effective skills and learn how to keep up with current trends.

Keynote Events


They say that to be an expert in anything, you need to have 10,000 hours of experience! Having 10,000 hours of experience in what I do, Voice & Wellness..oh and Speaking, I love to share my story and share my experiences and expertise! I would be honoured and exited to be an addition to your event!

The Vocal Compass Teacher Training

Develop your vocal teaching skills and bring your students to the next level!

  • Learn to identify vocal issues such as tension, imbalance, pitch, tone quality and lack of range
  • Learn how the voice works in relation to the whole body
  • Identify where any tension and imbalance exists and why
  • Learn to teach vocalists how to remove and balance the vocal mechanism to relieve most or all vocal issues
  • Discover improvements in your own voice!

All genres including Contemporary, classical, musical theatre, jazz and more!!

Pricing is $250 per session.

  • July 14, 2019
  • 10:00 AM to 4:00 PM
  • Studio E Music and Arts
  • “Evolve Theater”
  • 621 Barton Street #3
  • Stoney Creek, ON, L8E 5R8

Teresa has done incredible things for me with my vocals. She’s been able to create freedom in my vocals and create space that I didn’t realise was there.

She’s the first person that I recommend as a vocal instructor because I know she’s going to put her heart and soul into it, and more than anything her techniques work!

– Brian Melo, Winner, Canadian Idol 2007


For lesson pricing, media or general inquiries, please fill out the form below and I’ll get back to you within 48 hours!

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